Personhood, Law and the Idea of the Tragic – inviation for the international conference

25 Maj, 2016; Aktualności Konferencje Ogłoszenia

The Humane Philosophy Project and the Department of Philosophy of Culture
invite for the international conference
Personhood, Law and the Idea of the Tragic

The aim of the conference is to reflect on the human condition in the light of the concept of the tragic. In this perspective the human being appears as a fragile structure whose existence is essentially determined by the constant and dramatic necessity of choosing between competing systems of values, as well as by being split between different or even contradictory political, legal, moral and ontological orders. The invited speakers will provide possible answers to the question how the idea of human personhood arises out of these contradictions, as well as from the confrontation with the general idea of law. They will also try to answer the question whether and if so, then to which extent, the idea of the tragic is still relevant for human self-understanding. The given answers will be based on the analysis of classical and modern literature as well as on the relevant examples of the philosophical writings.

Date of the conference: 28th of May 2016 (10am – 6pm)
Place: Institute of Philosophy UW, room 4 (ground floor).

The precise program of the conference can be found here: Program of the conference
dr Przemysław Bursztyka
mgr Mikołaj Sławkowski–Rode