Wykład (Ex Oriente) dr. Marco Ferrante (17.04.2024)

Centrum Badań Porównawczych nad Filozofią Wschodu i Zachodu (Wydział Filozofii UW) zaprasza na wykład otwarty z cyklu Ex Oriente pt. “Bhartṛhari’s View of Universals: Exploring South Asian and Euro-American Philosophical Resonances”. Wygłosi go dr Marco Ferrante w sali 4 na Wydziale Filozofii UW (Krakowskie Przedmieście 3). Poniżej abstrakt.

Dr Marco Ferrante jest pracownikiem Instytutu Kulturalnej i Intelektualnej Historii Azji Austriackiej Akademii Nauk (Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia, Austrian Academy of Sciences). Oto zaś abstrakt jego wystąpienia:

The aim of this lecture is to explore the conception of universals as put forth by the South Asian philosopher and linguist Bhartṛhari (5th c. CE), a theory that spans the domains of ontology and philosophy of language. A central focus of the discussion will revolve around Bhartṛhari’s arguably most brilliant insight: the recognition that the fundamental issue that the concept of ’universal’ seeks to resolve – the so called ‘problem of attribute agreement’ – extends beyond the confines of ontology and finds its relevance within the sphere of language. After having contextualised Bhartṛhari’s work within the coeval South Asian debate, we will explore the relevance of his intuitions for contemporary Euro-American philosophy. In particular, we will investigate whether Bhartṛhari’s approach holds the potential to offer valuable insights in addressing a recurring challenge faced by universal realists – the potential regress of universals.

kontakt: k.lapinski@uw.edu.pl, Centrum Badań Porównawczych => FB

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