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Humane Philosophy Project

About Humane Philosophy Project

The Humane Philosophy Project seeks to bring academic philosophy to bear on human concerns, and to re-establish the connection between philosophy and broader human culture. There are three respects in which philosophy at the turn of the last century... >>


Mikołaj Sławkowski-Rode Mikołaj Sławkowski-Rode is in the final year of his PhD at the Institute of Philosophy University of Warsaw. His thesis focuses on the human experience of finitude. He is also a tutor at Blackfriars Hall Oxford teaching Anc... >>

Ongoing Events

Oxford Seminars on Humane Philosophy The organizers of The Humane Philosophy Project are happy to announce the initial series of Oxford Seminars devoted to Humane Philosophy. The seminars are organized in close cooperation among Ian Ramsey Centre for... >>

Past Events

Colloquium: Aesthetics & Experience On the 10th of July 2104 the summer colloquium at Warsaw University. The aim of the colloquium was to reconsider the relationship between aesthetics and experience. Explored themes included the connections betw... >>