For our students, we run a full first-cycle (BA) philosophy programme in English (“International Studies in Philosophy”), as well as such BA and MA programmes in Polish as: 1) Philosophy, 2) Cognitive Science and 3) Bioethics. We also train and supervise PhD students from the Doctoral School of Humanities.


The research conducted at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw covers all the most important fields of philosophy studied worldwide. Our researchers work in 16 departments and collaborate in 10 labs and centres. They carry out various research projects and cooperate with scholars and institutions from all over the World.


Conference: Re-writing Cultural Geography

The Department of Philosophy of Culture of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw and „Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture” invite for the international conference: Re-writing Cultural Geography: Toward a New Meaning of Eastern Europe (December 8-10 2023). The conference brings together Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Ukrainian and Belarusian philosophers. Details and programme below.

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