Prof. Bernard Linsky – wykład pt. „Notes on Bertrand Russell’s Lectures on Logic 1910 and 1914” w IF UW, 02.02.2018 g.10:30, s.209

31 Sty, 2018; Aktualności Ogłoszenia Wykłady gościnne

Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw
invites to a guest lecture of

Prof. Bernard Linsky
University of Alberta

Notes on Bertrand Russell’s Lectures on Logic
1910 and 1914

Institute of Philosophy, Krakowskie Przedmieście 3
Kotarbiński room (209)

2nd February, 2018, 10.30

Bernard Linsky is a professor of Philosophy at the University of Alberta (Edmonton), a fellow of Royal Society of Canada. He graduated from the University of Chicago and received PhD at Stanford University. He is the author of the book Russell’s Metaphysical Logic (1999) and a co-editor of the volumes: Philosophy and Biology (1998), On Denoting:1905-2005 (2005), The Evolution of Principia Mathematica: Bertrand Russell’s Manuscripts and Notes for the Second Edition (2011); The Palgrave Centenary Companion to Principia Mathematica (2013), Acquaintance, Knowledge, and Logic: New Essays on Bertrand Russell’s The Problems of Philosophy (2015). He published over sixty articles on philosophy and logic, among others: “General Terms as Designators”, “Phenomenal Qualities and the Identity of Indistinguishables”; “Was the Axiom of Reducibility a Principle of Logic?”; “Is Lewis a Meinongian?” (together with Edward N. Zalta); “Naturalized Platonism versus Platonized Naturalism” (together with Edward N. Zalta); “Leon Chwistek on the No-Classes Theory in Principia Mathematica”; “Leon Chwistek’s Theory of Constructive Types”; “What is Neo-Logicism?” (together with Edward N. Zalta); “Russell’s Paradox of Predicates”.