International Symposium „The Significance of the Lvov-Warsaw School in European Culture”

19 Wrz, 2014; Aktualności Konferencje Ogłoszenia

International symposium

The Significance
of the Lvov-Warsaw School
in European Culture

University of Warsaw Library

Dobra 56/66, room 256
September, 29-30th, 2014


Monday, the 29th of September

14.00-14.20: Jakub Kloc-Konkołowicz (Director of the Institute of Philosophy), Opening Address
14.20-15.00: Peter Simons, Logical Philosophy, Anti-Irrationalism, and Gender Equality: Three Positives of the Lvov-Warsaw Enlightenment
15.00-15.40: Jan Woleński, How to Think about the History of Analytic Philosophy
15.40-16.20: Friedrich Stadler, The Vienna Circle, the Lvov-Warsaw School, and European Philosophy of Science: Networks and Interactions in Cultural Contexts

16.20-16.40: Coffee break

16.40-17.20: Wojciech Gasparski, From a Study of Practice to a Philosophy of Practicality: Tadeusz Kotarbiński Contribution to the LWSP
17.20-18.00: Marcin Tkaczyk, Cracow Circle: Theology in the Lvov­-Warsaw School

18.30: Dinner

Tuesday, the 30th of September

09.20-10.00: Maria van der Schaar, Twardowski’s Philosophical Grammar
10.00-10.40: Wioletta Miśkiewicz, Twardowski’s Laboratory of Experimental Psychology
10.40-11.20: Anna Brożek, On the Concept of Reduction Through the Prism of Some Ideas of the Lvov-Warsaw School

11.20-11.40: Coffee break

11.40-12.20: Dariusz Łukasiewicz, Brentano’s Ideas in Tadeusz Czeżowski’s Philosophy
12.20-13.00: Piotr Surma, Bandrowski, a Disrupted Thread in Polish Analytical Thought
13.00-13.40: Alicja Chybińska, World-Perspective versus World-Making. Some (Dis)similarities between the Lvov-Warsaw School and American Neopragmatism in Conceptions of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz and Richard Rorty

13.40-15.00: Lunch break

15.00-15.40: Marta Zaręba, On Kotarbiński’s Praxiology and Contemporary Analytical Philosophy of Action
15.40-16.20: Stepan Ivanyk, The Lvov-Warsaw School as a Multicultural Phenomenon: Ukrainian Aspect
16.20-17.00: Jacek Jadacki, The Most Important Achievements of the Lvov-Warsaw School

17.00. Closure of the symposium

The symposium is organized within the project POMOST of Foundations for Polish Science.

Anna Brożek & Alicja Chybińska (Workshop of Methodology of Humanities, University of Warsaw)
Contact:; (+48 781-723-782)

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