Philosophy of Economics – invitation for the seminar by prof. Kenneth Stikkers

30 Lis, 2015; Aktualności Ogłoszenia Wykłady gościnne

Department of Philosophy of Culture (IF UW) and the organizers of the “International Seminar” invite for last meeting of the series of seminars on the philosophy of economics conducted by

Prof. Kenneth Stikkers
(Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)

The title of this seminar meeting is:
Rethinking Economics as Moral Philosophy – Overcoming the Crisis

And it aims to open discussion regarding how economics might be reconceived as a domain of ethics and thereby reroot its notions of growth, development, and well-being in human growth, development, and well-being.  Along with Sen, Stikkers will propose that Aristotle’s understanding of the connection between oikonomia and eudaimonia has much to offer us today, and along with economic anthropologists such as Marcel Mauss, Karl Polanyi, and Marshall Sahlins, Stikkers will suggest that we also can learn much from archaic economies rooted in sensibilities of gift and thanksgiving.

Date: 3rd of December
Time: 4:30 – 8pm
Place: Institute of Sociology UW, Karowa 18 St., room 403 (IV floor)
Contact: dr Przemysław Bursztyka (

The full description of the seminar series as well as the readings are available here: