Summer Colloquium “Aesthetics & Experience” at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw

The organisers of the Humane Philosophy Project, Przemysław Bursztyka, Mikołaj Sławkowski-Rode, and Ralph Weir, together with the Department of Philosophy of Culture, have the pleasure to invite you to the

2014 Humane Philosophy Project Summer Colloquium:

Aesthetics & Experience

Thursday 10th of July 2 – 6 pm.
Auditorium Maximum, Aula D,
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28

Colloquium speakers:

Ferenc Hörcher | Zofia Rosińska | Roger Scruton | Władysław Stróżewski

The aim of the colloquium is to reconsider the relationship between aesthetics and experience. Explored themes will include the connections between aesthetics, epistemology, and phenomenology, as well as their relation to the wider context of the human perception and understanding of the world.

This colloquium is organised by the Humane Philosophy Project. The Humane Philosophy Project is an international initiative based at the Universities of Oxford and Warsaw which aims to provide a home and a platform for the best contemporary examples of humane philosophy. For more information please contact (UK) or (PL).

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