27.06 Seminarium Instytutu Filozofii

Serdecznie zapraszamy na spotkanie Seminarium Instytutu Filozofii, które odbędzie się w czwartek 27 czerwca o godzinie 14.30 w sali 4 Instytutu Filozofii. Wykład wygłosi prof. Vladimir Drekalović z Uniwersytetu Czarnogóry. Tytuł wystąpienia: The empirical defence of Platonism- the strange way of modern mathematical Platonism.

Abstract: The idea of Platonism in the history of philosophy was usually not close to concepts such as empiricism, causality, and realism. One modern understanding of mathematical platonism is very close to those concepts. This is a philosophical school developed in Princeton. The last representatives of this school, through the idea of the indispensability of mathematical objects in (natural) science, tried to draw conclusions about the ontological status of mathematical objects. By developing their theory, as illustrations, they used examples that are very different in their nature. We shall point out some of the shortcomings of this school, and that it is very far from the basic idea of Platonism.

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